Recent life drawing. 45min pose

I currently have an exhibition, “Dwell” on at Gallery4 in the Hamilton Public Library (central).

I am in New Zealand right now and wasn’t able to see the set up in person but my dear father went and took a panoramic shot of the set up with his Iphone. Thanks Dad!

The gallery is between the Jackson square doors to the library. Go check it out if you’re downtown. 

Come check this pop-up show we’ve put together. It’s happening right below me on the first floor of our house. Our landlord has been fixing up the apartment up for future owners and decided since it was empty it was ideal for a show! Beautiful apartment with beautiful work by some good friends. 

In the early fall I worked on a cover illustration for a magazine called Comment. Here are some photos of before and after digitization. 

Screen Printing

Heres a peek at a little side project I’ve been working on.  Ben and I built a screen printing table complete with a vacuum press at my father in laws shop. I bought a bunch of screens online and sourced a place that could expose my designs onto them. It took a while (and a few different art stores) to get all the things we needed: squeegee, ink, screens, paper etc but now we can print from home.

Turns out Ben is way better at screen printing than me. We make a good team…I do the designing he does the finicky registering and we print together.  Our bathtub is now a few interesting shades of blue and black ink that doesn’t really want to come out but other than that I’m happy with the results from our first round of prints.

Oh and check it out! All of the prints below are for sale online in my new Etsy shop Ohker Press

Recently I was commissioned by a fellow named Marcus who lives in Peterborough. He gave this portrait of his home to his wife to commemorate their 10 year anniversary and 10 years living in this house together! 

Acrylic on Panel, 12”x 14” , Completed July 2013

Locke, Acrylic on Plywood Panel, 16” x 13”, 2013

Bay, Acrylic on Panel, 21”x 23”, 2012

Untitled, Acrylic on Panel, 24”x24”, 2012

Spotted, Acrylic on Panel, 14”x16”, 2012

Charlton, Acrylic on Panel, 18”x24”, 2013

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the OCAD grad ex, heres a few notsogreat and veryblurry iphone photos of my installation/me/my business cards!

Line Up, Oil on Canvas, 36”x36”, 2013


I was searching through some figurative paintings to submit to the OCAD figure show that is happening this march(?) and thought I’d upload a few to share. These were all done in class this semester or in third year.